Capt. Craig Weaver

Capt. Craig Weaver was raised on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. His family spent many weekends at his grandparent's house which was right on the beach with a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Craig’s grandfather also grew up on the Chesapeake, was a career Naval Officer retiring as a Captain, and was an avid fisherman. This is where the passion of the water began. As a little boy, you could not keep that kid out of the water. With every year that passed by, Craig would pick-up new activities that revolved around the ocean -- first it was swimming and he took to it like a fish!

When his Dad started taking him sailing, he quickly learned to navigate the local waters. And when Craig was old enough to take the old wood boat out on his own which was about 16 ft long with a ten horsepower tiller motor – Now he was in his element. The young Capt. Craig was eager to learn the techniques used to fish and crab the way his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather did before him. The lessons he was taught he still uses today, respect the water and others on it. And don’t take what you don’t need.

In 1987 at the age of 11, Craig’s father was transferred to the Tampa Bay area. For the next few years with his father’s work limiting their water time, Craig had to find another adventure to replace the saltwater addiction he developed being in the water almost every day. So he started fishing for bass in all the local lakes in the area, where he would occasionally get in trouble for sneaking into people’s back yards to fish new lakes. Finally, after much nagging and begging his Dad agreed that the family needed a boat to get back to the water.

For the next couple years, Craig liked spending time on the water with his family but wanted his own boat to explore the shallower waters and backcountry which he had read about are places that hold Snook and Redfish. So the young angler mowed lawns and saved his money and bought him a Jon boat with 5.5 hp motor. Craig would have his Dad drop him at the boat ramp and he would be gone all day fishing the flats. Craig had not caught Redfish or Snook before, but once he hooked into one of these bruisers of the flats, freshwater fishing would not do anymore. The next couple of summers that’s all the young man wanted to do is get out on the water and hunt these fish. He also returned to Chesapeake Bay to run a Crab boat for his uncle in the summers Craig was thrilled for the opportunity to work on the water every day. Craig returned every summer to run his boat for his uncle.

As Craig got into high school and joined the football team, his extra time was being spread thin and he was not able to spend as much time on the water as he wanted to. Football practice and working out took a lot of his time and the rest was spent on homework to keep the grades to stay on the team. He excelled at football thru his High School years and went to play in semi-pro league when he moved to Nashville, TN. Craig played two years with the team with one of those years winning the championship.

While Craig was in Tennessee he bumped into a girl from home in Tampa, FL that was the sister of a good friend. Turned out she had a little crush on him for a long time and he too thought she was pretty cute. They started dating and that was the end of that. Three kids later - one boy (10) Tyler, 2 girls Kalei (9) and Samatha(5), and Jake the wild 2-year-old yellow lab – Craig is now teaching his kids the joy of being on the water!

Screenshot_2016-01-08-12-04-33-1After working ten years in the construction field as a project manager building everything from Home Depot’s to Cell Phone Towers, Craig was laid off. After months of looking for work, he decided to chase his dream of being a fishing guide. His family and friends always told him that he would make a great fishing guide because of his outgoing personality, his patience in teaching people of all ages the sport of fishing, and having the talent to always put people on the fish. Capt. Craig Weaver is just as excited about fishing today as he ever was as a kid. That’s what makes his fishing charters much more than a job, it is his passion to give his clients on his boat a memory that they will remember and cherish.