Redfish Charters Tampa, St Pete FL

redfish-tailSaltwater Addiction’s Tampa Redfish charters

Redfish have become one of the highly most sought after game fish by light tackle sportsman for a few reasons. They will take a large variety of artificial lures and live bait and a tactic I call dead sticking. They will test not only your casting skills but how you handle a powerful adversary with a fishing rod. That is why I tell most of my charters we are not out here trying to fish for reds, we are out here to catch them.

I work with my clients to help them get the shot and make the memories that last a lifetime. My technique is a different form of fishing to most but it is also the most rewarding. When you catch a red you have snuck up on him, made the cast and presented their bait of choice to him into thinking that what you presented is what he wants to eat.

I have a passion for helping people catch the fish of a lifetime. There is no greater thrill for me than to watch someone when they get their first hookup with one of these golden colored beauties. No one anticipates how hard these fish fight and pull drag off a reel.

edited_20151105_094347If you’ve fished reds before with light tackle, great. It is always nice having someone on the boat that knows the game. If not, I can train you quickly! It’s easy!

I specialize in fishing reds with light tackle. I use live or dead bait and artificial. It is all about technique. There isn’t any sitting around waiting for fish to come to us. We will go hunting these fish with a rod and reel.