Tarpon Charters Tampa, St Pete FL

10497039_10154272466355405_6486309431084910687_oDon’t limit yourself and your friends to an ordinary fishing trip. Tarpon fishing charters in Tampa bay is second to none! Beginning in May and lasting through June Tampa Bay and St Petersburg Florida Tarpon season is second to none. Book your trip in advance because these months book fast and the best times are at the full and new moons but Capt. Craig Weaver of salt water addiction charters will put you on them all season. Prior to boarding a once in a lifetime Tampa Bay Tarpon Charter fishing excursion be prepared to experience a day of spectacular and exciting world class fishing like no other.

Action Packed Tampa Tarpon Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay Tarpon can get up to 8 FT long and over 200 plus pounds. The mere size of the Tarpon, as well as the fight it puts up when it is caught, is what makes the Tarpon a favorite game for any angler. There is nothing like the feeling of pulling in a 200 LB Tarpon. They are known to jump over 10 feet out of the water not to mention massive head shakes leaving white water in its wake. Fighting a Tampa Bay tarpon can last up to 2 hrs. and will putt grown men to their knees. A typical battle can take a boat and the angler around wrecks and thru bridges, diving down to the deeps then right back up through the water and in the air with acrobatics that would make an Olympic gymnast green with envy. Tarpon are by far the hardest fighting fish Tampa and St Pete have to offer! The Mighty Silver King will challenge angler’s skills from 1st timer to an old salt with no experience like the next.

Captain Craig weaver also fishes for Tarpon in the famous Boca Grande as he competes in the PTTS the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series. Boca Grande is the craziest Tarpon fishing in the world and Boca Grande is known as the “Tarpon capitol of the world”. With over 15,000 Tarpon in the pass at a time, Boca Grande tarpon Fishing Charters are a site to behold. This is a different kind of fishing which is unique to Boca Grande while using a vertical jig with a soft artificial tail which is dropped 60 to 70 feet straight to the bottom and then drifted thru the pass. Once a Tarpon hits you reel like crazy and once hooked, hang on their coming up to put on an air show you will never forget. All this while 60 other boats are doing the same thing within feet of each other. This is the most exhilarating tarpon fishing there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

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Captain Craig weaver of Saltwater Addiction Charters provides Tarpon charter fishing inside Tampa Bay, St Petersburg and Boca Grande Pass as well. A skilled Tampa Bay Tarpon fishing guide can determine exactly what areas to fish and what fishing equipment is needed depending on conditions. The advantage of Tampa Tarpon charters with Captain Craig weaver of Saltwater Addiction Charters is you do not need to have a boat, tackle or even how to land The Mighty Silver King because Capt. Craig can show you the ropes and make your dreams of landing a trophy Tarpon a reality once and for all. Come get hooked!