Trout Charters Tampa, St Pete FL

Tampa Bay Speckled Trout (spotted sea trout)Spotted_seatrout_fish_cynoscion_nebulosus are at the top of the list for inshore, beauty, aggressive feeding habits, and table fare. Juvenile trout feed primarily on small crustaceans such as shrimp or fiddler crabs. As speckled trout mature, their source of food also changes. Large speckled trout (20 – 30 inches) in Florida feed primarily on other fish such as pilchards, mullet, and shrimp. I use these large, live baits to attract strikes from trout looking to eat once in a day. School size (16- 20 inches) trout fishing can be some of the best and fastest action available for saltwater inshore charter fishing. Speckled trout of all sizes can be caught in all seasons along the Florida Gulf Coast

exciting aspects of fishing for speckled trout in Florida inshore waters is the chase. Throughout the year, speckled sea trout migrate with changing conditions such as water temperature, salinity, and food source. They prefer shallower bays and estuaries such as Tampa Bay, Fort Desoto, Weedon island, and the lush grass flats in Tampa Bay area in the spring and summer. As fall arrives, and water temperature decreases, speckled trout move into deeper bay waters. When cold weather takes over, and water temperature plummets into the 50’s, they head for deep water canals and docks to dwell until spring.

20150313_140914How Capt. Craig Catches Sea trout all year round

Not only does the speckled trout’s locations change, but as they do, so do the methods for catching, which keeps the sport of fishing for speckled trout fresh and exhilarating. As stated before, trout feed on a large array of assorted creatures. Live bait, light tackle fishing is a productive way to catch speckled trout any time of the year on the Florida Coastal back bay waters. Also, artificial baits like topwater plugs and plastic grubs work well during the right conditions and circumstances. Artificial bait presentation varies, even with the same lure, depending on the different variables.

These are only a portion of the factors that contribute to the excitement of light tackle inshore fishing for speckled trout. The Tampa bay Coastal Region is one of the world’s top destinations for catching Tampa bay Specked sea trout. Come treat yourself, family, or friends to a wonderful outdoor experience with Saltwater Addiction Charters.